How It Works

How to size it

Size It

Take a measuring tape and measure (in inches) around the part of your leg where you'd like to wear your AHA Wrap. Each wrap comes in two different sizes. The size range: X-Small =13"-14"; Small =15"-16"; Medium = 17"-18"; Large =19"-20". Order the perfect size for you! If you are measuring at a half size, it’s suggested to go down in wrap size. Ex: 16.5 measurement would be a 15"-16" wrap.

How to wrap it

Wrap It

Once your AHA Wrap arrives, gently place the soft wrap around the part of the leg you measured. The silicone elastic should be positioned at the bottom of the wrap. The fit should be comfortable and snug.

How to snap it

Snap It

Snap the two buttons for an extra layer of security to hold your AHA Wrap firmly in place. The combination of heavy duty elastic, velcro, and silicone elastic ensure a good fit with no slippage.

How to work it

Work It

AHA! You’re ready to work it! The AHA Wrap is perfect for every woman who attempts to answer the same question: “I’m wearing a dress, so where do I put my microphone?”  

How to wear it

AHA! Finally...a solution.

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